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Italians Petition for Return of “Porno-Prof”


Italian middle school teacher Anna Ciriani had a hobby the PTA was never going to like: known as Madameweb, she starred in a number of erotic videos online. She’s been suspended, but isn’t giving up — and is gaining support from those who say a teacher’s personal life shouldn’t matter.
The interesting thing about this Internet-based case: you’ll have hard time locating the offending smut. Well, at least I did. There are a few teasing frames from a performance last month at the Venus-Berlin international porn fair — she purportedly rides on the city’s metro while taking her clothes off, much to the amusement of the commuters — Cirani looking mischievous with her hands on the sides (holding up? pulling down?) of a straining white tube top.
Apparently, you have to be 14 or under to have the right kind of mad Google skills to ferret the goods out. Giving new meaning to the phrase “hot for teacher” it was her own students who outed her first, printing up nude images of her and wallpapering school bathrooms with them.
A teacher in the northeastern town of Pordenone, Cirani’s habiliment and comportment on school grounds were said to be “impeccably professional,” which makes one wonder how the kids unearthed her double life.
Youtube her nickname today and, instead of the porn, you’ll find an invitation to comment on “how the internet has changed your life,” and, for the media to constructively make use of these opinions in addition to the day’s usual “prickly” hard news.
Cirani, according to news reports, hasn’t renounced her profession, plans to contest her suspension and is now teaching Italian to foreigners. It may be, however, that her hobby takes her elsewhere.
After some search-engine fu, I found her forum (needless to say, NSFW), and it must not just be me having a hard time locating it, since the most people on it at once were 1,716 when the news broke.
In case one doubts if it’s her or not, the site title is “Porno Prof of Pordenone,” in English and the last messages on the forum express her gratitude for support — and details about upcoming erotic appearances around Italy. There have been reports of petitions to reinstate her at the school but if one had to choose between teaching literature to pre-teens or getting paid to undress, it’s easy to see where one wouldn’t mind telling the PTA to take the job and shove it.

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