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True Crime: the Mafia Movie Mobsters Love


Jailed mafia bosses in Italy have been glued to their sets for a six-part fictionalized account of modern mob life in Sicily.
Not that far from where I sit on the couch watching “Il Capo dei Capi” (boss of bosses), 76-year-old uber mobster Totò Riina also watches his life pass by on the small screen in Milan’s maximum security prison Opera.

This slickly-produced miniseries, which airs primetime once a week on flagship commercial network Canale 5, recounts Riina’s rough post-war childhood in the infamous town of Corleone to his rise and fall as boss.
Riina’s local turf wars exploded to gain national attention when he ordered hits on two courageous Mafia judges, Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone, in the early 1990s. After having been a “fugitive” (while calling the shots from various hideouts in Palermo all along) for 30 years he was arrested for the murders in 1993.
You don’t have to know any Italian or cut through the heavy Sicilian accents to get that this is must-see TV — check out the promo — it was the top ratings draw for the evening and, according to newspaper reports, enjoyed by Riina’s sons (also serving time for organized crime) and jailed Cosa Nostra figurehead Bernardo Provenzano.
Italians have been slow to dramatize the Mafia, perhaps because it is such a dire part of daily life: recent estimates put organized crime as the highest revenue “company” in the country, generating 7 percent of the GDP.
Efforts have been stepped up recently to convince business owners to stop forking over protection money — here’s hoping there will be more fiction about the Mafia and less Mafia stranglehold in real life.

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