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Italians Undress for Success


In the late 80s, Italy had a strip game show called “Colpo Grosso” where right answers rewarded players (and the audience) with brief flashes from bikinied beauties and buff dudes. If the contestants got it wrong, they had to take it off, much to the bemusement of viewers at home.

It was one of the few native formats to be exported out of Italy (there were versions in Japan and Germany) and the pillar of the country’s long-standing T&A entertainment much moaned about by foreign correspondents on slow news days.
Now, the Italian airwaves are abuzz with “Everybody Naked” (Tutti Nudi) a strip game where amateurs take it off in hopes of winning a motorcycle if they make it through 11 weeks of competition. In the 2.0 version of the strip game show genre, friends and the folks from home vote for the best undressed via text message.
To get in on the action, you have to sign up with an Italian cell phone number and verify your identity. Or watch segments — the important bits are blurred — leaked on YouTube.
Of course, though you can get the gist of it from individual segments — here’s 27-year-old “Titti” who describes herself as an animal lover and an exhibitionist — the real draw of the late-night show is schadenfreude. At least one of the four contestants per show makes you wonder what drove them to do it, like the 61-year-old pensioner, or this balding James Bond wanna-be named Enrico who is sorely devoid of rhythm.
Turns out Enrico, an architect by trade, underestimated the show’s popularity. His performance raised a stir in his small hometown, to the point where, according to daily Corriere della Sera, he was asked to leave the church choir. The vision of the 47-year-old in red string underwear has caused the locals to look away when he passes by.
Naked ambition is not for everyone, but it would be a shame if that kept clothes on.

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