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Global Warming Real Estate


Pssst! Have I got a deal for you: buy landlocked property near the Italian Riviera today and global warming will bring the beach to your door in about 15 years.
Sound too good — or too bizarre — to be true? Of course it is. Still, kudos to MTV Italia for launching an awareness campaign so meticulously cheesy it seemed real.
You don’t have to understand Italian to get it: just watch the helpful demo as the waters of the Adriatic rush about four miles inward to adorable hamlet Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna. And presto: cheap beachfront housing.

It looks like the kind of ad that runs on a local network, complete with trichologically incorrect presenter Paky Arcella blurting out the kind of “But wait, there’s more!” lingo reserved for the genre.
The really clever part of the campaign, though it did debut April 1, was not giving the game away. Days went by and the ad kept running. And people started getting more curious about it.
Like a lot of people – the newspapers say upwards of 10,000 – I didn’t wait to find out whether it was a hoax or not.
I called the 800 number.
Again, it seemed real enough but just threw more sand in the face of truth: The recording asks prospective buyers to leave a name and contact number.
Then another recording says the answering machine is full and disconnects. There’s no web site. There’s no contact name for the registration of the 800-number.
Turns out it’s part of an environmental campaign called Free Your Mind (in English, that’s how progressive it is) 2007.
Here’s the thing, though – a lot of Italians didn’t get the joke: MTV got a lot of critical mails for running the ad before it was revealed as a fake. And about the same number were interested in buying soon-to-be beachfront property.
Now the ad runs with the final tag line: “Over 45 kilometers (about 27 miles) of the Italian coastline risks disappearing. And this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.”
Still, my guess is that it probably won’t be long before someone tries to make a quick buck from an inconvenient truth.
The Italian coast will be too hot in a few years if warming soars as predicted…Summer house in Sweden, anyone?

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