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Skip Confession, Get Pirate Movies


Police recently busted a pirate ring in Southern Italy headed by the local sacristan.
It could only happen in Naples, kingdom of furbi, that the guy in charge of looking after medieval Anjou graves would have an illegal sideline.

The sacristan, aided by his son who also happened to be a volunteer at a local police station, would download films in foreign languages, record the Italian soundtrack when the film hit local theaters, then sync it up and burn.
And what a flourishing little business it was: police seized 143 burners, 14,000 pirate CDs and DVDs, 222,000 cases and 40,000 inlay cards, then made eleven arrests with a 400-count indictment. The material, destined to be sold by vendors on the streets of Rome, cost about $.50 to make and sold for $7-8 to the final consumer.
The photo released by police shows a couple of officers staring blankly at CDs in hand while they sit at desk chairs in what looks like kind of a regular office, with the exception of the roll of fake copyright stickers hanging over the burner rack.
I’d like to think the CD they chose to make the public feel the seriousness of violating copyright is an inside joke.
Right next to the fake stickers is the cover of a compilation from musty-dusty song competition San Remo, from five years ago.
Did anyone pay good money for it the first time?
This is the latest in recent crack downs on illegal goods sold on the streets; other recent busts include police filming clients with video phones, then fining them.
Avast me hearties: it’s starting to look like time for the Pirate Party to come to the rescue…

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