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Bad Drivers Busted Online


You get a ticket, thanks to some all-seeing electronic eye. You’re sure you weren’t speeding through that school crosswalk or barreling into a traffic-restricted zone or whatever.
Before you decide to contest it, though, check online to verify that photos caught you in the act.

The city of Perugia, home to around 150,00 in central Italy, recently started putting the camera snaps of local traffic violations on its official web site.
Fortunately, your wife or dad or boss or whoever regularly heaps grief on you about these kinds of things can’t stumble on your misdeeds: you need both the ticket and the license plate of the car to check the section of the site entitled “view tickets.”
In addition to the photos, the site will also tell you the day, time and exact location of said breach of road rules, plus the fine amount and how long you have to pay it. Information on past tickets related to the car — dating back to 2000 — is also available.
Hopes are that once sloppy drivers see the undeniable photographic evidence, they’ll pony up without protesting.
The city installed surveillance cameras awhile back and swiftly sent piles of tickets home to locals, who have argued that Big Brother needs an eye exam and have subsequently clogged up traffic court contesting them.
While it may lessen the bickering, the photos still may not prevent the “Trading Places” technique Italians commonly use to keep tickets off driving records. Strict privacy laws mean photos are only taken from the back, so people have relatives with clean records take the fall.

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