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UR 2 smth: Understanding Men Thru Text Messages


Two 30-something Italian journalists recently published a relationship manual to analyze Latin lotharios through their text messages.

Called “SMS: Super Men Only,” it breaks down the male texting flora and fauna into 14 categories, including Peter Pan, with his “come away with me” short messages or Wily E. Coyote, thumbing like mad behind his wife’s back, or the super puppy dog, a man who just needs a little (quick, abbreviated) affection.

While it’s not the first book about the social nuances of cell phones (one example: “The Jerk with the Cell Phone: A Survival Guide for the Rest of Us”), it may be the first texting romance how-to.

Romeo’s homeland, one of the most cell-phone saturated countries on the planet, provides an interesting backdrop for the advice. But because we’re all thumb jockeys – record numbers of people around the globe wished each other merry text-mas – it brings up a few interesting questions.

The Dr. Phils of the world all concur that communication is key in relationships. But how much does modern romance and friendship hinge on new-tech communication – email, IM, text messages? I suspect quite a lot.

There must be people who don’t mind exchanging 942 one-line emails to decide on a movie (Tuesday? Maybe Friday’s better? 8:30 or 10:30 show? Meet you outside? Drink before? Go for a pizza after?), but I, alas, am not one of them. My patience is also severely tested by anyone who uses text messages for anything but a ping. If you have to exchange more than two, just hit the button, call and get it over with. And while we’re at it, tone down the too-pithy instant messages: if you’re making someone grin or giggle at work, they are clearly not working.

There should also be an age of consent, say 16, over which no one can use more than a couple of abbreviations or emoticons in a single message. Thumb arthritis is apparently a real risk but spelling and communicating like an adult are also important. Otherwise, we really should all just go back to 6th grade and pass notes with puffy hearts over the “i”s.

Any other peeves to add to my list?

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