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Her Little Black Book


A lawyer’s agenda escaped from her briefcase, liberating her scorecard for courthouse conquests. In it, other lawyers and clerks met with judgements that ranged from “not worth it” “good” to “worth a second try.”

It happened in Treviso, one of those provincial, industrious Northern towns that from Boccaccio on, Italians suspect more goes on than one thinks.
Some are convinced it’s a joke. An elaborate one. Others claim it’s a man’s agenda — because of course women don’t do these things — which means that there is a lot more gay action at the hall of justice, though. And that’s a little too uncomfortable to sit well.
It would be one hell of prank. Too good in fact. Which is what the subway riders in Milan must’ve been thinking the other night when a young women threw off an overcoat to reveal a latex bunny suit with matching black ears and started pole dancing. That turned out to be Italy’s answer to Lonelygirl15, with traditional media playing right into the hands of some ill-defined art collective that happens to be shopping a reality format with stunts in the same vein.
The black book, however, seems like the real thing. Lawyers are busy. Word has it they’re also cynical. Better keep a running list to avoid wasting time. Her name wasn’t mentioned in news accounts, but you don’t have to be Perry Mason to understand that anyone who works in the courthouse has a pretty good idea.
It was found in the hallway of the civil law section, right outside the forensic offices, narrowing the list of legal lovers down quite a bit. They’ve already managed to give it back to its rightful owner, who will no doubt have to do a bit of lawyerly backtracking to reassure all of those who were “worth a second try” that they were actually noted down as “good.”
Fortunately, it was a yearly diary so now all she has to do is try to remember her paramours without writing down first and last names.

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