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Life after Politics


It’s good to know there’s always work for out-of-power politicians. Take Silvio Berlusconi who was ousted in March after a record five years on the bucking mechanical bull that is the Italian parliament.
He’s still working hard to get his voice heard in government. But since he’s not Premier anymore, the shaking of his little fist and the imperious stack of his cuban heels just don’t have the same impact they once did.

Fortunately, Berlusconi has other outlets: his second album called “Last Love,” (L’ultimo amore) will be unleashed on the world tomorrow. It’s a follow-up to his 2003 effort with musician/singer Mariano Apicella. According to Italian daily Corriere della Sera, 45,000 people actually went to stores and handed over money they could’ve used to buy a pizza on the first one.
Though he’s not the first musical politician — there’s saxing Clinton, Elvis-impersonating Koizumi and Beatles-singing Cherie Blair — it seems that only Italian politicians feel the need to cut records. (Alessandra Mussolini and Cicciolina are two regrettable examples that come to mind.)
Perhaps because he started out as a cruise-ship singer (“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” was supposedly one of his favorites), he can fall back on a musical career now.
He doesn’t lend his voice, but writes the words (sample lyrics from last album: “I feel that life is bent on dividing us/And I am frightened of being left without you.”), Apicella puts them to music and sings.
If the first single of the new album, called “Rhumba Time” (Tempo di Rumba), is any indication, Berlusconi is ready to lighten up.
Feeling courageous? You can listen to a bit of the ditty, more swing-style than an actual rhumba, here. The lyrics are so banal, they are almost untranslatable (“rhumba time, time for you, coral stars on my vest, fans cold on me, I’m waiting for you”) but the song is catchy enough to leave me shuddering in fear of heavy rotation.
Of course, it’s not all hearts and flowers. One track, called “Let’s Go” (Andiamo Via) was allegedly written on the night of the last elections. “Let’s go away from everyone, (political) parties, from TV, from newspapers…let’s go to a far-away another hemisphere.”
Or just stay here and make it big as a pop star.

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