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Share Your Login, Get Fired


Letting a former coworker use your computer login info is legitimate grounds for getting fired, Italy’s highest court ruled recently.

The password- promiscuous employee, identified only as “Maurizio M.,” was working out of Micron Technology Italia’s headquarters in Avezzano when, according to news agency ANSA, the system admin noted that another user was tapping into the system with the same user name and password from Milan, about 400 miles away.

The ruling overturned an earlier sentence in Maurizio’s favor, when a judge declared it wasn’t possible to “confirm his responsibility” in giving out his login info, according to daily La Repubblica. (More here, Italian only).

Not so, said the cassation court, ruling that Maurizio’s behavior “leaked company data that allowed a third party access to a large deal of information related to the company and intended to be classified.” (Still, you might be at risk by just leaving your password information on your computer, as this mother of an enterprising tot just discovered.)

From some of the details provided, it sounds like Maurizio may have been persuaded to loan his login to the ex-crony. You can just hear it: “Come on, I just need to get those presentations from last fall. I may need them, you know?” Non-competitor agreements fluttering like so much shredded paper on New Year’s Day – most of us scuttle out of corporate jobs with at least a copy of our company email address book and a few dozen PowerPoint slides. Just in case.

The main thing, it sounds like, is to hoard the electronic booty before you depart. Afterwards, it’s too dangerous.

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