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Italians Say: Take Me Out


It would seem that I’m not the only person in this city who either can’t or won’t cook.
An increasing number of Milanese are shunning aprons for ready-made meals and take out food. It’s such big business that the Chamber of Commerce decided to study it.
So, how much is everyone eating out?
Well enough to register a 101% jump over five years in the number of businesses making and selling prepared foods, with a 30% increase between third quarter 2004 and 2005.

Milan’s food industry has grown over 31% percent, nearly twice as much as the national average of 18% and analysts at the Chamber of Commerce put the grown down to the “laziness” of locals in the kitchen who prefer to buy read-made dishes at supermarkets or get food at delis, kebab joints and Chinese take outs.
It would appear, however, that Milanese are still respecting the apple-a-day rule — fruit and vegetable processing increased 200% over the last 12 months. This follows my own admittedly lazy diet, a lot more “take away” (as the Italians call it in English) plus a lot of repentant fruit and veg.
I noticed with panic on Sunday that the kebab place around the corner is now closed on the weekends. I’m waiting with the anxiousness of a non-cooker for the “yes-it’s-August-but-something’s-still-open” guide. City government publishes a booklet every year, to keep the three people left in the Milan in the summer from expiring while they wander around trying to find someplace to eat.

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