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Fashionistas fake it


Everyone, it seems, loves a good fake. Here in New York, instead of spreading out knockoff bags on a white sheet on the sidewalk they sell “Pagoda” bags (hat’s off for making it sound vaguely like Prada) on regulated street corner stands.

For my money, bags are the worst knockoff buy, at least the Italian ones, precisely because they look so damn fake. The Gucci double “G” looks more like “69″ on the fakes and the LV usually more of an LX, but in any case it’s pretty easy to spot.
For my money, it you want get that Devil Wears Prada thing without spending a fortune, go for the clothes. Designers togs cost about 20% less if you buy them in Italy, but if you’re looking for bargains, sales are only twice-yearly. (The lines are legendary, here’s what you’ll be seeing next week when they start).
Most items — copies of hot designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Prada — cost from $35-50 USD and are faithful to the originals in style though clearly not in quality. My favorite is a little place called Frangian (Corso di Porta Vittoria, 38) where the copies are put in windows with tear-outs from fashion magazines, just so you know what you’re supposed to be getting.
The quest to “get the look” goes beyond stores. Milan boasts a number of tailors, many former fashion-house employees like Senna, who left Valentino to go solo in the Porta Romana area. His tiny shop, where five men and two women make the old Singer sewing machines hum, is crammed with look-alike fashions. This season’s popular items include the house label made-to-measure jeans ($40 USD) and faithful copies of Prada’s ladylike blouses for about $70 USD. Or try the markets (largest is viale papiniano all day Saturday), where if you can bear to wear last year, you can find Fendi ties or Miu Miu next to the fruit stands.

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