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Milan’s Model Strike

A real beut, this strike

For three hours yesterday afternoon, fashion models in Milan crossed their skeletal arms in protest.

Billing it as the first fashionista strike in history, everyone in the industry put down their cameras, blush brushes and Right Set Fred records to make a stand against American companies who breeze in before fashion week, set up shop and undercut the local competition.

Pouting was still permitted.

I want to sympathize. Really.

No one should have to earn their daily bread in unfair conditions. It’s just that how unfair can these conditions be when a 13-year-old earns daily what the average drone scrapes together in a month?

Of course, most models can’t work for thirty years but a bit of wise investment (plus judicious therapy and some stellar dental work to combat the bulimia erosion) and you should get by.

As strikes go, at least it posed minimal disturbance to the rest of the population. I did observe a few traumas in the park as size 0 girls, off work for the afternoon, somehow managed to jog on those knobby giraffe legs making everyone else look like pachyderms in comparison.

With six weeks to go before the men’s fashion shows in late June, I wonder whether this is only the beginning.

I mean, what would happen if they called a catwalk walkout? Would designers bravely carry on, begging friends and clients to show the clothes?

A couple of years ago, one of the fashion houses pulled a group of lanky Senegalese street vendors (some of whom sold knock-offs of said designer handbags) on to the runways. Perhaps they’ll have to convince the whole lot to leave the sidewalks to ensure the show goes on.

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