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World Cup Theme: “Da Da Da”


Right. Gearing up for the World Cup in Germany in June.
Soccer, folks.
You know, that sport the *rest* of the planet cares about.
What’s the big deal?
Teams from 32 countries, seven million fans and 40,000 prostitutes make for a sort of month-long, mega Super Bowl. That’s the World Cup.

Even non-sports fans tend to get caught up in it. Four years ago, Italian companies had to issue World Cup leave to fight absenteeism as fans of the azzurri (as the national team is called) ditched their desks to watch games broadcast during office hours because of the time difference from host countries Korea and Japan.
Of course, with any big sporting event, you need some inspirational music. Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life,” from the ’98 tournament is the kind of forgettable stuff usually on tap.
This year’s official ditty is “Time of Our Lives” by boy-crooners Divo, which, to be fair I haven’t heard but the title already makes me gag on my scorecard.
For my money, the de facto theme song to this World Cup will be “Da Da Da,” thanks to Pepsi ads.
Remember Trio? They were, what, one of about three German pop bands to have a hit outside the homeland. (I can’t imagine “99 Luft Ballons,” Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France” or anything by Nena Hagen really getting sports crowds going, but maybe that’s just me.)
The oh-so-catchy tune (da da da, I don’t love you, you don’t love me), re-mixed with a great oompah vibe, has been making rounds on the internet — and called more addictive than crack by one fan.
So, the ad features an all-star international team with the likes of David Beckham, Ronaldinho and Henry and Roberto Carlos who step off a bus to find themselves at a typical Bavarian beer fest.
Where they serve only the cola drink.
To get some, they have to play against a bunch of thigh-slapping, lederhosen clad locals.
None of footsie-profs can keep a straight face, adding to the general infectiousness.
Check it out here — and see if it gets your vote, too.

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