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Italy’s Own ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

oops! ratings are slipping

Snoozing viewers got a wake up call the other night when Italian starlet Ilary Blasi popped out of her Valentino gown.
Blasi is co-hosting the San Remo Festival, a creaking, kitschsy, nearly week-long song contest that hasn’t changed much when since it started in 1951.
Ratings this year have slipped, which may have something to do with the disappearing gown.

Not suprising that in a TV landscape littered with half-naked go-go dancers the “wardobe malfuction” was perhaps more of a ratings bid than anything else, even though it happened on the stodgiest state network, Rai Uno.
Newspapers used the snafu more for a chance to show the images rather than to decry the incident. The headline here reads, “Ilary’s breast inflames San Remo.”
Blasi, wife of soccer star Francesco Totti and mother of three-month-old Christian, apologized by saying that “maybe I was too relaxed, so much so that something came out that shouldn’t have.”
Sure, it could happen to anyone.
Who wouldn’t feel the natural urge to slump while on camera during live, prime-time national TV?
Interesting, though, how the host, comic Giorgio Panariello, let his colleague know about the slip.
“Watch out with that dress, I think Christian’s food source is showing.”
After all, this is a country with a tradition of breast-feeding Madonnas and where even when breasts are used for ratings, there is still an itsy bitsy sense of what they’re for as opposed to just jacked-up window dressing.

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