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A Sense of Confusion


Pop culture seems to be very confusing these days, and I’m afraid it’s a sign I’m turning into an old fart. (I mean, I know I’m turning into an old fart, but maybe it’s happening faster than it used to.) Maybe kids these days don’t need narrative or logical connections. They’re just sort of used to things winging out at them and connecting here and linking there and images whizzing around like a pinball (alarm, alarm, dated reference alert).
What’s really got me confused is former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham’s behind. It’s been crossing my field of vision lately way more than I’d like (not at all would be my preference if anyone’s asking, and thanks). It’s in an ad along with the rest of her on billboards around town selling the Beckhams’ his and hers fragrances. Attached to this (apparently photoshopped) behind is husband David Beckham’s proprietary hand, hiking up her evening gown and staring out from the ad with a “don’t mess with my property” smolder.
What I don’t get is, are they supposed to be themselves in the ad? Or are they just playing themselves? And if they’re supposed to be themselves, are we supposed to think we’re getting an insight into their relationship – tumultuous, sexy, he driving away rivals as she clings to him? And are they really doing it just because they’re exhibitionists, since they can’t really need the money?
But if they’re supposed to be models, then how can they be acting as themselves? Because the perfume has their name, so isn’t the idea that they’re them? But why pretend to be yourself, and why not just be yourself? And in any case, the whole thing is just way too intimate; at least when you see a couple that’s really a couple together in a movie, the actors are in character and there’s some distance.
I know, I know, really the only clear idea is that the former “singer” and the soccer guy are the ├╝bercouple and we should just bow our heads when we pass by the ad and go out and buy their perfume.
But don’t things have to make some kind of sense? A little? Are we just supposed to drift along from one celeb-event to another, reading about a TomKat wedding here, worshipping at a Beckham ad there? Bouncing from image to image without worrying whether anything has the slightest connection to reality?
Yes to the drifting? Well then, maybe the U.S. will get lucky and get the same ad.

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