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Wedding Basics


Although I’m currently, legally married, and have a variety of official paperwork in a variety of languages to attest to this, I’m wondering if it’s too late to be a runaway bride. Because The Runaway Bride really seems to have hit on the essence of modern marriage without ever actually going through the ceremony.
As I’m sure you remember, Jennifer Wilbanks disappeared temporarily just a few days before her huge wedding was scheduled to take place, taking a bus on out of Georgia. But think about all the fun she’s had, even without getting officially hitched.
She went through all the pleasure of planning a huge wedding and sent out hundreds of invitations so her guests were able to enjoy those pre-wedding giddy first thoughts an invitation provokes (“How much should we spend on the gift?”) And since the wedding was canceled at the last minute, a lot of the costs were probably non-refundable, meaning she also did her part to contribute to the wedding industrial complex profits for last year.
And now she’s having all the fun of a divorce-style fight complete with lawyers with the man she was going to marry, including arguing over who keeps the wedding gifts, one of which was a half-a-million dollar book contract. (I know, half a million isn’t what it used to be, but it still sounds good.) And we’re all invited to be in on some of the details, so we can solemnly consider the sad end of a relationship with typically sympathetic concern (“What was she/he thinking? Or, if you’re friends with both members of the couple, “What were they thinking?”).
Those are really the basics of the sacred institution. Good thing some people want to keep it as exclusive as possible.
I actually enjoy a good wedding reception: get cleaned up, bring a present, play nicely, have something to eat and drink – it’s like a kid’s party except weddings don’t always take the way birthdays do. So if anyone has a spare seat to fill, feel free to send on over an invite – just don’t expect the gift until after the ceremony.

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