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A Pregnant Pause


I love to see pregnant women. And the more pregnant they are, the more round and bouncy and weebly and beautiful and full of life they are, the more fun it is to see them. The problem is, it’s tough to know what to say to them.
I like hearing about pregnancy and birth plans and baby names, and it’s one of the few life events where it’s exciting to talk about choosing a hospital. The Victorian euphemism for pregnancy–to be in an interesting condition–is literally true. These women are about to go through an astounding event–there’s a lot to talk about. But I do remember my own pregnancy days, and sometimes I would love to talk about being pregnant, and other times I wanted people to just treat me as if I were very fat and they were pretending not to notice. And believe it or not, people do tell horror stories to pregnant women.
I’m sure you know this, but hearing about your cousin who delivered surprise quintuplets and had to be sedated for five years and never peed properly again, while interesting, is not exactly a tale for the expecting.
However, I actually preferred horror stories to unsolicited advice. Although little did I know that it only gets worse – the advice giving – after the baby’s born. At least after the first’s born; by the time you’re on your second, old wives (of whatever age and gender) just assume you know what you’re doing; or in other words, doing things as they did.
Here’s an essay from one pregnant woman who seems to have picked up on a lot of the advice, and the horror stories, and lots of other lectures about raising children. But that’s not the point. The point is Heather Havrilesky’s essay in Salon (you can be a cheapskate like me and run the ad) is, well, you know I don’t say hilarious because too high expectations might trash your pleasure. But I thought it was quite funny. So, put your feet up.

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