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Big Machines


My Spot-On colleague Nicole Martinelli reminded me of one of the differences of living in Southern Europe versus the U.S.: no dryers.
Actually dryers are catching on more and more here, they’re just not that common. But, and this is part of the reason why I get depressed and hopeless-feeling about global warming when I think about it, once people try one, they really, really like it. Naturally.
The husband and I are have been sharing one of those thrilling marital moments: dryer shopping. When I read reviews of different machines by Spaniards there’s not a lot of good comparison information because they’re so excited by the basic function of drying clothes – without having to hang them up! without the clothes ending up all stiff! without having to worry about rain! Who wouldn’t be?
Dryer shopping is not something to do when you’re cranky. If I am, I might hit the ugly American stage, and then I just want the biggest honkin’ machine I can find, which is still not big enough, and an even bigger washing machine, and I want to load them up and turn them on, ka chong ka chong, and just keep them running until every dirty piece of clothing in the house is washed and dried. Twice.
And while I’m at it, I want two dishwashers. And I want to turn them both on at the same time as the washer and dryer and have a kitchen symphony, ka chong ka chong rrrrrrmmmmm.
And then I wander over to the refrigerators. And I want the biggest honkin’ refrigerator they have, which is an almost huge side-by-side they label American style. And I want to load it up with huge bags of frozen bagels, and 2-gallon jugs of milk, neither of which is available here. And run that in-door ice and water dispenser – lots.
And I want to cruise on home in a honkin’ big SUV using a gazillion of those dinky liters of gas per dinky kilometer.
Not that this was exactly my lifestyle when I lived in the States. But one can’t help wanting to be contrary.

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