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The Beach Is OK Too, But It’s Missing One Thing


Why the gym has been my favorite spot this summer:
1. It has child care.
2. It has special programs for kids in the summer. So the cost of a membership can be mentally chalked up to guilt-free “child enrichment.”
3. It has air conditioning. And child care.
4. It has a café. With Internet access and good coffee. And child care.
5. We’ve had lots of houseguests this summer. I like guests. But I don’t have an outside office to go to to get in that important, daily “me” time. (I know, I know, you work hard at the office. But I’m betting you do get a few moments of down time. Look what you’re doing now, after all.)
6. I can catch up on current underwear fashions in the locker room. That’s helpful, although mostly academic, after several years of only paying attention to nursing bra styles.
7. I get a dose of the surrealism of contemporary life. There are five TV screens I can watch while I trot on the treadmill. One has sports – athletes giving their all. One has music videos – which look ridiculous without the sound. One has tragedy-filled news. One has ads for cheesy exercise machines. One has a talk program with an in-depth examination of what contestants on some reality show did. I can watch them all at the same time, without sound but with the gym music blaring, when I look up from reading about how we’re all supposedly doomed by the end of oil supplies (sorry, just the headline here, and yup, I do have a paper copy thanks to kindergarten magazine sales fundraising).
8. They don’t always play the music too loudly.
9. Did I mention the child care?

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