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Missing Stuff


Well, the game’s up – we’ve unpacked the scale. Batten down the hatches, run it up the flagpole, hoist your own petard, pick your favorite cliché, it looks like we’re settled in for a while.
Before the scale came out, it still sort of, kind of, felt like it could have been an extended vacation. But with a scale, well, who weighs herself on vacation? (Yes, I’m sure some people do. I do not.) Bathroom scales are Monday morning eye-openers: toothpaste gunk on the sink, take the trash out, time for laundry, back home-again items, not vacation buddies.
So here we are settling in, which is good. Settling in is good. The only problem is I’m settling in now at the stage of expatritude known as: cranky. This is a normal stage. The first stage is jet lag-triggered pleasantness when you’re a bit too confused to figure out what’s going on, so everything is nice. Crankiness sets in once you wake up. It is usually followed by a real appreciation of your new expat home. But in the meantime, there’s crankiness. (Adjustment counselors and rational people suggest focusing on the positive things about your new home. The other option is wallowing in it. Who’d you rather talk to at a party, Perky or Sardonic? Me too.)
Part of this crankiness, speaking of scales, comes from the fact that my opinion that it’s easier to lose weight in Europe has been sadly disproved. That opinion, formed two kids and some years ago, was based on the idea that one generally ate better in Europe than the U.S., and that one’s personal junk food triggers based on childhood eating patterns were less prominent here. Yes, well, perhaps it still holds true for one’s younger, childless selves.
Have I mentioned living abroad is a different experience with kids? On the one hand, it’s easier, and more necessary, to meet people. On the other hand, there’s more stuff to make you cranky. I’m still not completely happy with our preschool choices.
And no, it’s not just that I’m a bit preschool obsessive. (Well, maybe I am.) But our old preschool – and the idea of having lots of preschool options – is now high on the list of things I miss from California.
Before I mellow out, more from the current list of things I miss:
Garbage disposals. I’m sure they’re unecological in some way (what’s the opposite of green, orange?), but I miss them. I just want to throw everything in the sink and flip a switch.
And, er, um…Let’s see, what else? How about what I had on the old list before we moved? Libraries? Well, yes, but the British Council does have a small library here that might compensate somewhat. And someone’s recommended a good dentist.
And oh yes, “Boston Legal.” No, not on TV here. But, ABC has put some of its shows online for free, available only briefly and not, alas, including “Boston Legal,” or, alas, available outside the U.S. But we’re getting closer. So I’m hopeful.
And now that I think of it, there’s really nothing else pressing on the stuff-to-miss list. So, hey, what’s a garbage disposal more or less? – I guess I’m perky.

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