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Not So Sweet Sorrow


It was nursery school angst day a few weeks ago in my neighborhood. That morning I came back traumatized from leaving an unhappy Son the Younger at school. Then, when the happy moment came to pick him up, I ran into my neighbor as I was heading out. She was equally upset because of some bad experiences with her little guy’s school.
She works an almost full-time schedule, and I’m at home doing whatever it is I do, but we were both equally unhappy. Certainly it’s easier to handle a tough school intro for a preschooler when you’re at home and can fall back on the option of just dropping it for a while if it’s not working out. But we were both trying to do what we thought was best for our kids, and finding it horrid that they might be in the wrong place, unhappy or not taken care of as we’d like.
What a basic pang, those early years separations create. (And probably some later years ones too. We’ll see.) The other mother and I bucked each other up, and we’ve all worked things out better so we’re happy again. But while parents can help each other, you are your kid’s support system, so you can only hope (and try to help as) they come up with some other way of coping.
Here’s a daycare teacher who seems to have a good method. The writer mentions it in this lovely essay on mom and kid separation anxiety. The author’s observations of the other kids in her son’s daycare are particularly nice too. It’s from Brain, Child magazine, which is tempting enough this issue that I’m this close to paying real money for it.
School’s out, so separation anxiety is the opposite of what a lot of parents are feeling for the summer. But hey, a little perspective helps you appreciate the full house. For a few minutes at least.

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