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The Poetry of Motherhood


As those of you with mothers or partnered to one had better have known, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day; or, as I like to think of it, another day in Mother’s Month. You see, the Sunday before was Mother’s Day in Spain, and living here I figure I’m entitled to both. In Spain, when you have a holiday on a Tuesday or Thursday, workers often take that Monday or Friday off too, in a move called a “puente” (“bridge,” to the weekend, get it?). So I figure I can have a bridge from one Sunday to another, and if we’re doing that, let’s just take the whole month, right?
Taking all these days off, you might think that Spaniards have an easy work life, but they put in too many hours like everyone else. Spanish hours are particularly annoying for parents and anyone else who likes some time for life outside the office, because many offices still have a split schedule, with a long lunch break in the middle, meaning workers don’t finish until 7 or 8 pm or so. (The government is trying to encourage a shortened day though, because otherwise much of the afternoon it’s hard to do business with the rest of Europe.)
The point of these observations being that there should always be time for life outside the office, whether your office is a cubicle or a home kitchen. And in that spirit, I have a Mother’s Day gift for you, a poem. But let’s not make that into another chore. This doesn’t need to be tied to a self-improvement project in which you decide you really should cultivate more cultural awareness. Mothers and many other humans already have lots of shoulds floating around in their heads. Even making time for yourself, and I don’t think any mother would say no to that, has become something else to be added to your to-do list, vital unless you want to risk losing your sanity and, thus, most importantly, being a bad mother.
I’ve always wanted to read more poetry, and know a bit more about it, and, hey, be the kind of person who reads poetry, but put that way it’s a daunting task. In this area, one poem every so often (very every so often) will have to do me just fine. So here’s one recommended by poet Adrian Blevins for Mother’s Day. It’s in the middle of an interview in which she recommends some other poets too, if you get inspired. But really, just one, for a nice moment of enjoyment, is O.K. too.
And it’s O.K. too if you’re not interested in poetry. Try this; it’s another piece from Mommybloggers that makes me laugh. Mommybloggers also rounded up a bunch of us mothers to answer questions about mothering for that holiday that just passed (you did remember, didn’t you?). The questions start here. Happy Mother’s Year.

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