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I Hate It When Dinner Sucks and I’ve Made It


Because at least if the Husband had cooked it I would have had someone else to blame. That makes it a little better. But when everyone takes one bite and asks for cereal, what do you do? Acknowledge the truth and pour the milk for yourself too? Or gamely plow on, eating just because it’s your own creation?
Sometimes dinner just doesn’t work. Sometimes I can foresee this even before I start cooking, and so I don’t. Sometimes I should foresee this and I forget. And sometimes I am ignorantly enthusiastic about the meal, right up to the first forkful.
There are many ways to ruin dinner:
Cook when you’re cranky. Food knows this and will not respond properly.
Start cooking when you’re hungry and snack the whole time you’re cooking so you don’t want anything by the time it’s done.
Start cooking when everyone’s hungry and let everyone snack until the meal’s ready, so nobody wants anything once it’s made.
Make something child-friendly like boxed macaroni and cheese and think you’re going to not mind eating it also.
Cook to clean out the freezer. There’s a reason you haven’t wanted to make the rest of the breaded stuffed cuttlefish patties. Freezer burn is a sign of a shopping mistake.
Think that anything will go with pasta.
Or on rice.
Not that there’s anything wrong with cereal. Luckily. If your dinner didn’t work recently, here’s a funny (and unrelated to food) mom tale to make up for it. Keep reading – the payoff is toward the end.

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