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Love, Love, Love


Happy V.D. At least that’s what we used to say in my hilarious youth when we foolishly thought all the really serious sexually transmitted diseases could be taken care of with a dose of penicillin. I doubt kids use the same joke these days. They probably don’t even know what a venereal disease is; it was an old term even in my (now somewhat long-ago) day.
Do these young whippersnappers still learn about STDs, or is there some newer term? I know they’re all told to be celibate anyway. Or maybe it’s used but no one has any idea what it’s from, the way CC on emails is going. Presumably one day, when the last lone typewriter left is tucked away in an antique shop, people will have to check dictionaries to figure out where CC came from, if they care. And maybe urban legends will arise about how it started, like with the term OK. The grammar maven of the New New York Times in 2060 will write, “No, it’s from Can Cover, because before computers, secretaries used to put extra copies of letters on top of a can, to be mailed by office boys.” (No, children, it’s carbon copy. Go ask granny what a carbon is.)
All of which is by way of saying, since it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love. I’ve got an approach to the topic over on Mommybloggers. But better yet, the site asked lots of mommies for their thoughts on love and their pieces are all being posted through today. There’s lots of wonderful writing there and many different perspectives in the “Rumble O Love.” (Mommybloggers, by the way, which promotes moms writing on the Internet, grew out of the Blogher conference last year to support women bloggers. If you’re interested, the second annual gathering is in the San Francisco area in July.)
And if you want the scientific view, the NY Times, as ever, also has information about love. The paper recently reported on a study of women put in a stressful situation (electric shocks to the women’s ankles while they were lying in an MRI machine–creative folks those scientists, no?) that showed that holding hands with a beloved husband had a special ability to reduce stress. Scientific but sweet. However, less creatively, the scientists did not then go on and compare the stress-relieving capability of hand holding versus eating chocolate. I say, it’s a day to try both.

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