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Don’t Try This At Breakfast, Either


If you have a baby in the house, you have conversations you’d never have dreamed of when you were simply an autonomous adult. Many of these conversations involve secretions and excretions (I just looked the words up and I think I get the difference). These are not stimulating conversations, but in households where childcare duties are shared among adults, or when bodily releases become symptoms and need to be shared with a doctor, you’re gonna be talkin’ poopie. Or snot. Or whatever.
If it’s not dinnertime, this can be kind of fun (don’t tell my kids), in a really juvenile, say-the-potty-words-in-front-of-the-grown-up kind of way. And what responsible adult doesn’t have moments like that?
That’s not to say you can’t carry it too far (gee, that’s a surprise). If you’re shopping baby groups and the talk turns to an earnest discussion of diaper contents, I suggest you move on. But that’s just me.
This “toy” is another example of going too far. Yes, someone really sat down and created a Gooey Louie with brains that pop out when you pick the right booger (gummy wormy things). With sound effects. How do I know about this delight? Remember we just finished the gift season? Well, I happen to know a too generous gentleman who’s going to need an extra special gift from the Klosky household next year.
In any case, as another example of my generosity, I offer you this Daddytypes post. I would tell you that it’s hilarious, but sometimes if you’re expecting too much, the reality is disappointing, whereas if you go in with low expectations you can be pleasantly surprised and enjoy something more. Right? And I’d hate you to be disappointed. So, all I’ll say is, I enjoyed it. Again, you’re welcome.

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