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Life On a Dust Speck


Greetings from a Mommy Who-ville.
Or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes around here on the World Wide – man it’s big, isn’t it? – Web, drifting around like Horton’s precious dust speck with only that nice Dr. Seuss elephant believing we exist. But, as Horton proved, Whos can make a lot of noise when they get their yelps together.
So twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll be getting my yelps together to see if we can bring a little news and some comments from Mommy Who-ville. Moms never get listened to all they’d like, but we’ll see if we can persuade those other characters living in Horton’s jungle – the sour-faced kangaroo and her kid and the thuggish Wickersham monkeys, doubters and detractors one and all – that we really are here. Even the smallest of my fellow little Whos might provide an interesting perspective – to quote Horton: “A person’s a person no matter how small.” (You of course can’t tell my height since I’m sitting down.)
We (and I really mean me but we mothers have a hard time with the first person singular) are already yelping as a writer over at New readers on MSN can check out my older posts over here.
And what’s the yelping about? Anything from politics to potty-training (actually rather intertwined subjects), or whatever else captures my, and your, I hope, fancy. I like to think I have a Liberal, feminist take on topics, but in these post-post-whatever days, who knows how to define that? Maybe we can.
As a journalist for many years in the U.S. and Europe, including stints reporting for Dow Jones Newswires in Washington and for the Associated Press in Madrid, I’ve covered everything from presidential summits to soccer. My work has also appeared in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age and the Washingtonian magazine.
As any Mom will tell you, chasing recalcitrant finance ministers who often speak in code has helped prepare me for my gig at home with the little guys, Son the Elder and Son the Younger, kindergartener and toddler respectively. Although like many other “stay-at-home” moms, I also spend time on things other than mothering, even at home, such as (here we go now with the post-modern thing) typing this right now–see? Which makes me – what? – a part-time stay-at-home Mommy? Sometimes?
Right now the domestic engineering project is packing up my family’s dust speck – and there are many of them and they make all kinds of noise – for a move early next year from San Diego to Valencia, Spain. The Husband is a Spanish research scientist and we figure it’s time for a turn on his side of the Atlantic.
This is my first time living in Europe with two kids, so I’m sure I’ll be spending my days idling in literary cafes during the day and amusing bars at night. And if you want more expat fantasy go read about Provence. Trotting along a medieval city’s winding, cobble stoned streets becomes less charming when you’re schlepping the family groceries every day. But possibly more fun than trying to load warehouse-sized boxes of toilet paper into the back of the minivan while corralling two kids to strap them into their car seats. Now there’s a first universal concept: home delivery.
Stick around here and we’ll see if we can make enough noise to stay out of the Beezle-Nut oil.

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