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In Which a Nanny of Our Aquaintance Shares An Experience


It’s bonus time here at the Spot-On counter. Yes, your free gift, with or without purchase, is a child-rearing tip culled from the experience of our own local Supernanny.
Maybe you’re very wealthy, and worried about where the next generation of self-involved heirs about town will come from. You want to make sure your kids focus on something, something like…themselves.
Who better to give advice than Local Supernanny? Before son the younger changed his nap schedule, I used to run into her in our neighborhood playground. She’s a former teacher, she’s experienced with kids, she’s firm but kind, she even made sure her wiggly charges had their sunscreen on – I’m sure her clients were thrilled to get her.
One of her families had a little girl, with both parents having retired by their late thirties or so after making gobs of money in a business. LSN was a fill-in for when the family’s regular live-in nanny got her three hours a month off or whatever, because the parents didn’t want any un-nannied time with the kid.
LSN was there one day, and the little missy had been having quite a time of it, running around and expressing her personality all over the place, so LSN was trying to get the girl to take a nap. She was finally getting the kid settled down, although the girl was still complaining a bit, when the daddy walks by the room, hears the noise, and asks what’s going on.
Trying to put Little Missy down for a nap, says LSN.
Little Missy, says Daddy, do you want to take a nap?
Oh no, Daddy, says Little Missy.
Well, Nanny, says Daddy, Little Missy is never really going to have to do anything she doesn’t want to, so you might as well skip the nap.
Oh, says Nanny.
And the nap was off.
So if you’re worried that there just aren’t enough spoiled rich kids with an excessive sense of entitlement around these days, and you wonder who’s going to take up the tradition of insulting waiters, and trashing hotel rooms, and manipulating stock prices, and messing with foreign policy, in the future, then try this kind of teaching in your own home. No supernanny required.

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