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Nobody Used My Shirt As a Napkin at BlogHer


Over this past weekend I attended the BlogHer conference. This was an unusual day for me in many ways:
1. No one sat on my lap during lunch.
2. My shirt (white, no less) stayed clean all day. (See number 1.)
3. No one needed my help in the bathroom.
4. I didn’t have to carry anyone else’s stuff.
5. No one bellowed my name from across the room.
(Did I miss those moments? Maybe just a little.)
Back when I was a paid worker, going to a business meeting was a ramping up of the physical; you got away from your phone and your computer to make fleshly contact.
Now my day job is extremely physical. Even though I was away from my computer, any physical contact at the conference was a lot less messy than I’m used to. Raising kids is one of the few jobs (that I can think of at the moment) that attracts some staffers with college degrees or higher but doesn’t allow for once-a-week telecommuting.
The physical BlogHer has actually pushed me further into the virtual world, because I’ve been spending many hours now reading excellent sites of people who were there, who link to further great reading and so on and so on and you know how that goes. There’s much to read about the conference if you’re interested, but just as a start, the speakers at the sessions I attended were, to a man (ahem), interesting, as their blogs are: Susan Mernit’s Blog and Seedlings and Sprouts, from the women who led a session for newcomers; Dooce, Time Goes By, and Multidimensional.Me, identity bloggers; and mommy bloggers Three Kid Circus, I’m Ablogging, and Mommy Needs Coffee.
By the way, to add to my list of things that didn’t happen to me at Blogher:
6. No one demanded to breastfeed in the middle of everything.
However, had it been an act between consenting mother and child, there would have been nothing wrong with that. This is not always the case, although it should be, as you can see in two news stories linked here. And to round out the breastfeeding beat, Daddy Types notes that it’s World Breastfeeding Week.

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