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Every so often I read those ads seeking surrogate mothers that show up in the back of parenting or alumni magazines, and I think to myself, “Are those women out of their minds?” And I answer myself, “Yes.”
Even if you’re a HypnoBirthing honor student or manage to score some street drugs to tide you over until the epidural takes effect, you can’t avoid all the weird stuff that happens to your body during pregnancy. Maybe you can sail through labor and delivery without feeling like a steamroller parked on you, but there’s just too many bullets coming at you for nine months; you can’t dodge them all. Who would take on swollen feet and hemorrhoids just to give the payoff to someone else? Not to mention the extra medical procedures that go along with the implantation.
But thanks to the New York Times I’ve now got some more insight into surrogacy. The latest trend in the field the Times has uncovered is women who prefer to carry babies for gay couples.
There’s one big clue in the reporting as to why surrogacy for anyone appeals. Surrogates make about $20,000 plus expenses. Not great on an hourly basis, but pretty good for work you can do while watching TV.
And with surrogacy for gay couples in particular, the woman carrying the child doesn’t have to worry about being especially sensitive to the childless couple, or to another woman who was unable to have a baby. So the surrogate can focus fully on one of the pluses of pregnancy–getting attention. Yup, pregnancy is a great big me, me, me time, and even if someone thinks you’re overdoing it, they’re almost certainly not going to tell you. (Well, maybe your husband will, if you have one, about two weeks into the second pregnancy. Or your friends, about halfway through the third.)
So you’ve got some money, you’ve got self-indulgence, you’ve got a grateful gay couple sending over whole-grain goody baskets. And you get to sleep through the night when it’s all over. Maybe those women aren’t so nuts, after all.

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