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What, Me Worry?


Worried about North Korea testing nuclear weapons?
Don’t be. The United Nations Security Council is On. The. Job.
Most people scoffed when the media reported that swift action by the U.N. was expected when speculation arose Monday that a nuclear explosion had occurred in North Korea.
Not me. Actually I was more disturbed that a nuclear explosion had been ignited somewhere on the planet and all anyone could do is “speculate” whether or not it had, indeed, gone off. I figured if we had the technology to monitor every move Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make in whatever continent they’re on, surely we’d know if a gazillion mega-ton nuclear bomb had been detonated. But, then, I’m no physicist.
But worried about North Korea?
Nope. I’m sleeping soundly knowing the Security Council is . . . well, they’re . . . uh – making a statement that they are preparing to discuss the possibility of issuing a warning threatening that, if North Korea does not stand down, they might have to meet to consider the potential for economic sanctions.
So there.
Besides, there is no reason to panic. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is known to be such a rational fellow. He will see that economic sanctions will plunge his country into the 19th century . . . okay further into the 19th century. And – and – it will hold up his Amazon DVD orders, not to mention the flow of hair gel.
So I laugh at Japan and South Korea jumping the gun, so to speak, and stopping all exports to North Korea. Just because they’re so close to the Communist country, Kim could lob a nuke over his shoulder and annihilate their countries, there is no need for a hasty reaction.
I know there are those among you who are skeptical that the Security Council members can come to some agreement in time to make an iota of difference. Yet here it is, three days since we don’t know what exploded in North Korea, and already council members have agreed that nuclear weapons in the hands of a maniacal, egotistical despot are a bad thing. That’s the kind of “firm, constructive, appropriate, but prudent” decision Chinese ambassador Wang Guangya is talking about. Especially that prudent thing.
In addition, the council has even given themselves a timeline, one that they’ve announced to the media – so you know they’re serious.
By Friday, they said, they should have a decision about the U.N.’s reaction to North Korea’s nuclear testing.
Of course they didn’t say which Friday . . .

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