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Rain on Her @#$% Parade


I am absolutely shocked! There is someone on the planet that apparently wasn’t aware that Barbra Streisand is a die-hard Democrat.
As the now well-known story goes, Barbra (may I call you “Barbra?”) plunked a political statement mocking the Bush administration in the middle of her concert. In response, a heckler shouted out, “What is this? A fundraiser?” to which the singer flung the Big Bertha of all cusses.
‘Atta girl, Babs! You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl.
Oh, you can glide around your Hollywood mansion in your flowing gowns, talking in soft, dulcet tones about how the Democratic Party is the “only party for thinking people.” But there’s nothing like a mindless, screeching expletive to put a music lover in his place.
The question is, what about the tickets he was purchasing made this heckler think he wasn’t going to get a political spiel? The performer is in show business, lives in Hollywood, is a friend of Bill Clinton and IS BARBRA STREISAND.
As my kids say: “Hello. . .”
Hell, yeah it’s a fundraiser. Every time you buy her CDs or see her movies you are ultimately contributing to the Democratic Party. Why is it such a surprise? Did he actually think that, since she is a singer and actress, he would be paying to watch her do precisely that? Isn’t he aware of the Hollywood Rule that once you appear in a movie or television show all opinions you hold automatically become newsworthy just because you are You?
No, the surprise here is that the most articulate response Streisand could come up with was “@#$% you!”
Fanny Brice would have invited the guy on the stage to perform since he was so adamant to be heard. Dolly Levi would have said, “Sure! How much are you giving?”
Apparently The Barbra is not quite as glib as the characters she portrays. And if the heckler was, as her publicist hints, a stooge who had done this before, surely she could have come up with something a little more clever.
Which leads me to believe that neither she nor her publicist anticipated opposition to the political ad. She actually believed that her opinions were so sacred no one would dare question them. Or has she been in Hollywood so long that she was unaware differing opinions might be voiced if she insisted on getting into people’s face about her politics?
I have faith, though, that most people are like me and don’t look to celebrities for their political opinions no more than they would ask George W. Bush for help with their English term paper or Bill Clinton for marital advice. It’s just not what these people are good at.
What Barbra Streisand is good at is singing.
So sing, Barbra. Shuddup and sing.

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