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And the Emmy Goes To. . .


I ended up watching the Emmys this week, something I’ve not done in a few years because I don’t watch enough television to know or care what’s going on.
However Dirtman had emerged from his office for the event, a practice I encourage when he shows the inclination since, even though I’d be a very wealthy widow should the stress of constant work result in a fatal heart attack, I’d be left with no one to kill the gigantic killer bugs coming out of the woods around here. Oh, and there’s that love thing too.
So I grabbed a book and sat in the living room to watch the Emmys with Dirtman.
No, there were no inspirational moments stemming from the show that I had to rush to my computer to share with everyone – only a few observations of things significant enough to drag my attention from my vastly more interesting book.
1. Isn’t Alfre Woodard above Desperate Housewives? I know, I know – how can I judge a show I’ve never seen?
I’ve seen the rest of the cast. Euripides can rest peacefully in his grave knowing that they won’t be tackling Trojan Women any time soon. Except Alfre could.
Okay so Desperate Housewives pays significantly better than 2500-year-old Greek tragedy but still, Alfre, have some integrity!
2. It is bizarre to think that William Shatner and Ben Kingsley have a reason to be in the same room with each other.
3. Doesn’t Candice Bergen live with anyone? She must live with someone who could have looked her over before she left for the Emmys, noticed her outfit made her look like my Aunt Angelina serving fondue to the Rosary Altar Society and told her, “Candice. Change. For God’s sake!”
4. If reality shows are real people reacting to real situations, why does it take all those people to produce it?
The camera couldn’t pan the audience while the writers and producers of the winning reality show filed onto stage because all you’d see were empty seats. What do they all do while the real people are reacting to reality? Shop for black clothes?
5. While we’re on that segment of the show, I trust Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be firing their agents following this unfortunate gig announcing the winner of the aforementioned reality shows.
6. No one mugs like Bob Newhart.
7. Who are all these people? And what happened to the other people? I know I’ve been out of the TV loop for a few years, but you’d think I’d recognize more a third of the presenters.
There are Emmy winning shows that have only been off the air for one season. Are these people now out of show business?
8. And someone explain to me what Heidi Klum has to do with Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow?
Or television?
9. Yea, Tony Shalhoub!
Afternote: I have just been informed that Heidi Klum is, in fact, on television in a show called Project Runway, apparently a reality show where girls are voted out if they don’t have what it takes to become a model. In my day we called this high school gym class.
Editor’s Note: Not so fast, Jeanne. See today’s HotSpot for another take on Project Runway.

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