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Movin’ On Up


The Jacksons moved this week from what we lovingly call the House of Squalor to brand new digs on seven acres of forest. It’s a huge house very close to where we used to live yet so very far from how.
But what I really want you to know, as I sit here typing this story, is that right now I am making ice.
That’s right. I’m on a different floor and all the way across the house, yet cubes are pattering into a handy bin in my freezer while I type away.
I can’t tell you how much this pleases my husband and me. We’ll be doing something and hear the ice drop and we shout gleefully, “We just made more ice cubes!”
Every now and then one of us will look up and say, “Hey guess what I’m doing?”
“What?” the other will say.
“I’m making ice!” the other one says and we both roar with laughter
My 15-year-old son, of course, thinks this is “lame” and rolls his eyes whenever we giggle over the ice maker in the refrigerator. “That was only funny . . . like, never,” he sneers. So we try to do it as often as possible around him in public places. Teenagers love that.
He looks the same way when I go into raptures over the fact that I can take one step out of my kitchen and do the laundry. No more donning hip boots and stomping down rickety stairs to scare off the snakes and toads in the basement!
Yes, yes, there’s a hot tub that’s very nice and the pool is scheduled to be installed starting next week. But all that is not nearly as cool as the fact that I can get into my bed without having to shove it over to my husband’s side of the room only to have him shove it back so he can do the same.
Then there’s the garage door. We have one.
And . . .And . . .It closes! (At least for now.)
Not only does it close, but it does it automatically. In fact, I can open my garage door, do the laundry and make ice all at the same time!
Most people who go through our new house notice the spa tubs or the big deck out back. All I know is that I can do the dishes and look out the window at a forest instead of staring at the Creeping Mold of Doom growing on the wall in front of the sink. And I have lots of windows for my plants so they aren’t all crowded in front of the one door that allows sunlight through its top window.
In fact, I’m thinking windows are a good thing and should be a part of every house plan. Though I realize in the old house they would have detracted from the general air of squalor we look back upon so . . . lovingly.
We’re keeping the old house as a rental unit. Only Dirtman says we have to totally redo the whole thing.
“We can’t expect someone to live in that house as it is,” he says.
What with them having to make their own ice and all, I suppose.

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