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Introductory columns are always so awkward. There is the danger of trying to impart too much information too soon, hinting at an intimacy that hasn’t yet been established. Or it can become a rather dry list of facts, reading more like a free obituary.
I would prefer the slow, gradual method, where I reveal a little of myself at a time so that hopefully no one will remember what I said previously, thereby holding me to all the stupid things I say in the heat of a deadline.
I also have a problem with trying to sum myself up in X-amount of words. It smacks of pigeon-holing.
I say, “I’m a middle-aged woman,” and, snap, you have a picture, right?
I add, “married with two teenage sons.” Snap! Soccer mom, maybe? Certainly drives a mini-van or an SUV.
How about I add, “born in New Jersey?” Whoa! My hair just got way bigger. I also got louder too, huh?
Try this: “Currently living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.”
If you’re from an urban area, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “So she’s one of the ones responsible for the current administration.” If you’re from a rural area, you’re scowling and thinking, “Those bleeding-heart liberal ideas of hers won’t fly among us decent folk.”
See, I can play the pigeon-hole game too.
Here’s a big one: “I used to homeschool my kids.”
SLAM! Get into that hole labeled “Christian Fundamentalist” and start explaining why you only have two kids.
So I’ll tell you the facts behind the facts. My sons do not play soccer and I do not drive a mini-van or SUV. And my hair is long, just like they tell middle-aged women not to wear it. My politics are all over the board and can’t be summed up with a catch phrase. I’m no fundamentalist for any religion and I only have two kids because childbirth hurts, no matter what position you’re in.
Oh, all right. I am loud. I have two teenage sons with very large speakers. Everything around here is loud.

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