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  • Chris Nolan

    Another Reason to Like Facebook

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors debate over whether to give Twitter and other San Francisco-based Internet media companies relief from certain city payroll taxes raises triggers a somewhat optimistic observation. California Governor Jerry Brown is going to have a very successful third term since he’ll probably be able to solve – or claim he’s […]

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  • Jeanne Jackson

    Falling Out

    We were having lunch at my favorite arts and crafts festival and my brother decided he didn’t like what we were having and went off to find something else to eat. We settled in with our crab cake sandwiches and coleslaw and John returned15 minutes later with nothing more than a scowl on his face. […]

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  • Scott Olin Schmidt

    Healthcare Politics Trumps Good Policy

    Time will tell if President Obama managed to hit the “reset” button with his Wednesday evening speech to Congress on healthcare. But as long as the American public firmly divided into three camps – those who want free healthcare at any cost, those who want none of it and those who are utterly confused by […]

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  • Mike Spinney

    The Church and Prop 8: Losing by Winning

    In spite of this week’s setback in the California courts, legal approval for same-sex marriage is building steam. The domino theory many right wingers and religious conservatives worried about when Massachusetts turned in favor of same sex marriage five years ago is becoming reality. Besides the Bay State, same-sex marriage is now law in Vermont, […]

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  • Kevin Weeks

    Fighting What You Eat: The Diet Cong

    Think of your body as a machine and adapt your energy input to your energy output. This is basic science, verified over 100s of years. But the current funky diet “theory” isn’t even “theory” in the scientific sense – it’s a guess based on hopeful correlations, if that. Matching caloric input to output always works and it’s generally healthy if you’re careful to eat a balanced diet. But it requires discipline.

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  • Deborah Klosky

    The Seven Deadly Sins Diet

    Sloth is one of my favorite sins, and if I can indulge it while thinking I’m going to lose weight, sign me up. But what about the six other deadly sins?

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  • Nicole Martinelli

    Price is Right? Ask Your Cell Phone

    Cash-strapped Italian consumers can now use text messages to tell them if the price is right. Euro-pinching shoppers thumb in product names — from pasta to produce and parmesan cheese — and a text message speeds back with the average retail price for North, Central and Southern Italy. Called “SMS Consumatori” (SMS consumers), the three-year […]

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  • Christopher Brauchli

    Baked Alaska?

    It was a wonderful week for women and it more than made up for the fact that Hillary Clinton is neither the Democrats’ presidential nor vice-presidential candidate.

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  • Matt Holt

    The Primary Care Conundrum

    Medicare clearly will take a hack at redressing the imbalance in payments as part of whatever reform happens in 2009. But unless the specialists and the hospitals that live in symbiosis with them are ready to significantly and voluntarily cut their incomes and reallocate that money to primary care, there will not be enough money for primary care to solve the current shortfall.

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  • P.J. Rodriguez

    The Same Old Song

    Music is supposed to be the language of peace and brotherhood, a force that can bring the world together in harmony. But is it any freer from politics as anything else in our lives? Just look at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The musical competition has taken place since 1956, produced under the auspices of […]

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  • Gopika Kaul

    Goa: Paradise Lost?

    On 18th February, a young British schoolgirl, named Scarlett Keeling, was found dead on a beach in Goa, a western Indian state extremely popular with foreigners, especially those on shoestring budgets looking for some sun and sand. Suddenly, Goa – the perfect holiday haven, that attracts millions of foreign tourists each year, a majority of them British – is not being talked about for its sandy beaches, great food, or for its quaint churches.

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HotSpots - What's Hot Around the Web

A lot has been made about comedian's - white comedians - inability to make fun of Barack Obama. That's just silly. And a little dated because, of course, the best Obama parody is on-line.

Here's a link to a page that will show you nothing but all the good and worthy thing Obama is capable of doing - or has done - just for you. 'cause you need his help. Naturally, there's a book to to along with the fun that's available on-line as well.

Barack Obama: Too darn perfect not to ridicule his perfection.

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PopSpots - Spot-On's Pop Picks

When Barack Obama's campaign rolls into town, the DeeJays get ready. Here's a sampling of some of what played at the Obama rally last week in San Francisco.

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone

Ain't No Stopping Us Now - Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes

Waiting On The World to Change - Jon


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